Sunday, June 19, 2011

Never Taunt your Fishing Partners

 My son arrives home for the weekend with a need to get away from the big city of Toronto. He describes it as a sea of cement and wants to get back to small town Ontario. He tells me he won a big bet in the hockey playoffs, bought a new depth finder with the cash and wants to test it out. After checking the weather radar and seeing no rain in site my son, his girlfriend and I  load up my Hyde boat and head to a small pike lake I know of.
 After unloading the boat into the lake and have all the fishing gear packed its time to do battle.Not ten minutes of fishing my son ties into about a 3 pound large mouth bass. It jumps once waves at Kory then throws the lure back at him to taunt him for not being alert and ready.
 Well lesson number one for me is don't taunt your fellow fisherman after loosing a fish as in the video below
In the following pictures and videos the only thing you will see me doing is netting fish for Kory.

Here are a couple more pictures of Lindsay's catch. I had one pike on the fly rod but similarly with Kory's first fish I was too mesmorized watching the fish hit my fly that I forgot to set the hook. Well it was a fun day all in all and hope next time to get my daughter out for a day of fishing on the lake.