Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End of another Great Year

 Well here we are at the end of another fishing season and with every year end its time to hand out the family Derby awards. It all started in 1991 when my dad decided with all his kids enjoying fishing and always ribbing one other that they had caught the bigger fish he decided to make the argument worth something and created the 1st Salmon trophy. Over the years it has evolved into 4 trophies; salmon, trout, bass and the new trophy this year the biggest fish in a miscellaneous categorey.
  The 1st original salmon trophy ended in my Dads hands with a 10 lb Chinook
 The trout trophy was the next handed out to yours truelly for a manistee 10+ pounder
Here is the fish that won me the trophy
Then the bass trophy was handed to my brother Bill from my son Kory after he stole that category from him on their last dayof fishing before they put the boat away. My son fish was 4' 3" and Billy's was 4'9". All Kory could say was ouch.
 Here are pictures of the 2 bass can u tell which is bigger, Kory's or Bill's
Now the final trophy was givien to my nephew Mike for a 10 lb muskie caught up at Silv'ry Moon Lodge
Now these trophys are so sought after that during the awards we had the grand son steal one of the trophys

So here I write this blog the next day and the 2012 derby has already started with Kory, Lindsay and myself out in a secreat pike spot which I ended up with three pike biggest being maybe 2 pounds.