Sunday, December 30, 2012

The 2013 Derby Begins

Here it is 3 days after Christmas and Kory biting the bit to get out and start working on the trophies. I talked to a friend on face book and he told me the rivers were slushing and lots of shore ice so pretty hard to do any steelheading. Well we thought we see if our secret pike spot would be worth a try.

 Yea we were pretty desperate to get out when its snowing and 0 degrees C but we had to get it out of our systems. So we arrive to our destination to only find the bays off the main river froze. So we cast our lures just where the bays meet the main river but all I could catch was cat tails as seen below


After a hour of frustration 2 lost cyclops lures ($14 loss) we decided to cut our lost and try the hot water out flows for the Hydro power plant. Well there was a ton a Guiser Shad and that's all we could produce. It been know to be the odd muskie cruise this area but not this day.

Kory with his big catch of the day.
The coolest part of the whole trip was when a big freighter pass by us. I hear from local how these big boat displace water but never experienced it until today. When this big boat was passing us it drew the water away from shore, likely dropped the river 2 feet then once it passed us it came back to the previous level. I was slow to getting the camera out and getting it on video but I did catch the water rushing back to the previous level.

Freightor from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.

Its not all about the catching of fish. I not saying that I don't mind not catching any fish because I do but that's not what the whole experience is about. What not a better way to spend a day out fishing with your son and being able to witness the phenomenon of a big freighter passing. Its the whole experience of the trip.

Trophy Time

Well hard to believe we went threw another year fishing and with the end of the year come our family annual fishing trophy's. So brother Bill was master of ceremony handing out the trophies threw out the evening

The 1st award this year was that trophy that started the whole thing. The biggest salmon and was it a big award this year. A $5000 fish caught in the Blue Water Derby. 1st salmon my brother has ever caught and it was a 23.14 lb fish that won the derby.
The next trophy was for the largest bass. Well this is what retirement does for you guess who won this one. Yes Cricket did it again. His 1st year retirement and he pulls off 2 trophies with a 3lb 8oz small mouth bass. We had some controversy this year. Konnie protested that Dave and I had sabotaged her line and lost the trophy winning bass. So all we could do was give Konnie a consolation prize, a crying towel seen here in her hand in the picture below. All Konnie could say is Dave and Red gonna get theirs next year, what ever that means not sure yet.
The next trophy went to my 82 year old dad. The old bugger still can catch fish and took the trout category with a 9 lb lake trout. But being form the old school these dummies again forgot to take a picture.
 and to add salt to the wound the old bugger took the miscellaneous category with a 9lb muskie caught up a Sil'very Moon Lodge. Now I was there and we got a picture of this fish
 Well I happy that dad still gets out fishing with us and the old guy is still a pretty good fisherman. So we now move on to the 2013 season all bets off, time to sharpen up my hooks and think I am gonna try for the grand slam and see if I can get all 4 trophy's.(dreamer)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas



We had the grace of a white Christmas this year 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Manistee Muskegon Floats

 Well had the privilege to go up with Brian to the cottage near the Manistee River. The 1st day we drifted the lower section and wasn't long I hooked into a nice steelie only to loose it after about a 2 minute fight. Well that seem to be foreshadowing of what was to be the theme for  the next two days. We floated for 2 more hours hitting some of our go to spots to come up empty handed. We made a executive decision to try up at Tipy dam.

 Brain stuck close to the dam and I wondered around the bend to try a few pockets where we had produced fish before. Again I struggled and came up empty hand so with time getting late I head back to Brian who informed me he had a couple fish on but like me earlier was not able to beach them. With dark upon us we headed back to the cottage to regroup and come up with a game plan for day two.
 We decided to try the Muskegon River and float from the dam down which was new water to both of us and it never hurts with a change of scenery. The water flow had been up for a couple days so we had thought maybe some big boys may have made their way to the dam.

The Muskegon is a much bigger river but surprising not as deep as the Manistee or at least up by the dam. Now again the big fish elude us but there was enough little fish to make the trip not a bust. Again some times plans work to the tee and other times not so good but that's part of fishing and what I find it just makes me hungrier to rework analyze to where our plan went wrong and learn from it.


So with the end of day darkness slowly creeping up on us we decided to  head back to the cottage for some bubbly pops  and discuss the short comings of the day not finding any big fish. I had to head back next morning for a Christmas party so Brian call a local friend. Wow did  they finally  figured it out and did they have a great day. Check Brian's blog some great pictures of nice fish. I had a great time and its not all about catching fish, its the fun we had ribbing one and other and hope I never wear my welcome out.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Jigs and Yarn

So snow on Nov29th
warm day on Dec 3rd
Raging River
Was a beautiful day to be on the river.The snow melt made the water a bit dirty so had to change my tactics and went to bight yarn (chartreuse) and black with red back marabou jigs. I was able to tag the leader on a couple fish because this old guy don't chase fish down a raging river but the only problem is I lost a bit of tackle.

So here is a Short video of a fish to what I called landed by tagging the leader because of where I am standing in the river


Dec Steelie from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Yarn Fly

Well Happy Thanksgiving day to my American friends. I took the day off to celebrate well for the football lol but while waiting for football I did this small video on likely one of my most used fly. "The yarn fly" I will use this fly with  my fly rod and float rod. Here it is and enjoy

Yarn Fly from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.
Oh by the way GO LIONS

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Manistee Day 2

Day two we decided to hit the lower section of the river. We also decided to change hats and I took up the Captains chair and Brian got to relax and be the client and get pampered. I got to admit he did a good job the 1st day and put me on to some fish so the challenge was out there to do the same for him.

The first run we hit is call the pumpkin run. Its been tradition that every Halloween one of the locals place a pumpkin on this downed tree as a gift to the fishing Gods.
Well the Gods must of been pleased because Brian tied into his 1st lake run Manistee Brown trout. Man are they a pretty fish and after some quick pictures she was released back to the river in hope to do battle at a later date when she is big enough to break the past world record on this river.
Well we continued the float down the river in search for some big comers but on the way down all we could do  picked up a few small trout.
My one and only fish caught on day two.

then it finally happen we were at the end of our last drift Brian finally tied into a decent fish but only  to get school on it from this brute but still gave Brian the thrill he was looking for and was a good way to end the day. I have Brian's battle with both the brown and the big Cromer on film at the end of the blog. I cant wait to get back on the Manistee again. I enjoy so much floating  and fishing out of the Hyde boats. It is so hard to explain the peacefulness of the drift and the excitement of the battle when you get the privilege to hook up with fresh Steelies.

Lake Run Brown from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.

schooled from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Manistee Trout Trip

I was privileged again to be invited back to my friends place to rake leaves and get in some fishing when we could. Well luck have it he was able to get someone to do the leaves so all we had do was fish. Day one we drifted the upper section close to Tippy Dam and were able to find some small steelies and browns but still had a great day drifting the Manistee.

Great day but going to try the lower section tomorrow.
To be Continued
Here is a short video of my biggest steelie of the trip caught and landed on day one.

manistee from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Nov Classic Month for Steelies

I love Nov. rainy,cold and the rivers are up. When most tend to hide away out of the cold for the rest of the winter, steelheaders the strange breed we are come out to frolic and play on a rivers bank. Some of my best days come November and this year is no exception. Booked a day off work and went on on a local river and had a great day. Here is a small video of one of the fish I caught and  couple pictures of a couple other fish  that are gonna make their way to a smoker. I don't keep many but like a couple a year to smoke for the holidays and celebrations.


Nov Classic from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Michigan Chinook Run

Sorry for being a week late on my post but had the privilege to be invited to my friends place close to the Manistee for our 2nd annual fall season opener float trip on the manistee river. The weather was great for our first float of the fall. Great way to get the boats set up ready for when the steelies arrive. My boat didn't do so well, all we could land was a small small mouth bass
The darn plug was almost as big as him but still any fish on your line is a good fish.
The other boat fared a little better with Norland tying into a small coho which eventually made it to the barbecue and supper table.
Trust me u cant beat a fresh  coho on the supper menu. The boys cooked it up perfect on the barbecue along with a few other appetizers

 Day two we decided to hit the Pere Marquette fly zone area  for some Chinook or what ever wanted to tease our lines

Brian and Norland went up river while Arnold and I went down. I luck in to finding a pod of Chinook in a small pool under some trees for protection. Not being prepared and didn't have my go pro on I hooked up with a nice Chinook using a green Oscar hex missing out in a good opportunity to for some good video. What a lot of fun got one jump then I was able to land it on shore, take a quick picture and released back to complete its journey on the river.
I had a couple more fish on but were fowed hooked so I straightened my line for a long release and let them continue on their way unscathed.
Brian landed a nice little smolt rainbow for his efforts, then the rains came and we decide to go for lunch.

We decided to try another spot on the Pere Marquette but the river was way to busy and decided to cut our loses and go back the the cottage for some R and R.
Well Day three I was worn out and decided to make a quick break to beat the bridge traffic back into Canada. The others stay and Arnold decide to take one more stab at Tippy dam  to get his trophy.

Well cant wait for the upcoming steelies season to happen in late Oct with the boats all set up ready to roll.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Pike and Bass best time to fish

Well my son is finding out Fall is a great time to to catch big Pike and bass. Hes been having a riot on a small local lake which still can produce some nice fish.

early Sept pike

late Sept pike

early Sept bass
now some real late Sept bass. Lindsy had to show us how to catch them.
and the nice thing is that all the fish were put back in the water because of the lake being as small as it is, we don't want to hurt the fish population. Great conservation by 
the kids who hope this resource will be around for their kids.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Late Summer Muskie

Well couldn't ask for a better way to end the summer holidays out fishing with my boy on my float boat on a local stream. My boy out fished me on the bass using conventional gear.
amazing how the bass will take on the color of the water
But I forgot to tell him we were after muskie. So I had to show him how to catch them with the fly rod

and Mr.Muskey made mince meat of my fly
So we put him back to grow bigger for our next encounter
So Kory thought he make a attempt at fly fishing so here is a short video of his strugles as a flyfisherman but I dont think he has got the concept yet.

kory from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.

Always a good time when I am out fishing with my boy and hope to have many more to share.