Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Michigan Chinook Run

Sorry for being a week late on my post but had the privilege to be invited to my friends place close to the Manistee for our 2nd annual fall season opener float trip on the manistee river. The weather was great for our first float of the fall. Great way to get the boats set up ready for when the steelies arrive. My boat didn't do so well, all we could land was a small small mouth bass
The darn plug was almost as big as him but still any fish on your line is a good fish.
The other boat fared a little better with Norland tying into a small coho which eventually made it to the barbecue and supper table.
Trust me u cant beat a fresh  coho on the supper menu. The boys cooked it up perfect on the barbecue along with a few other appetizers

 Day two we decided to hit the Pere Marquette fly zone area  for some Chinook or what ever wanted to tease our lines

Brian and Norland went up river while Arnold and I went down. I luck in to finding a pod of Chinook in a small pool under some trees for protection. Not being prepared and didn't have my go pro on I hooked up with a nice Chinook using a green Oscar hex missing out in a good opportunity to for some good video. What a lot of fun got one jump then I was able to land it on shore, take a quick picture and released back to complete its journey on the river.
I had a couple more fish on but were fowed hooked so I straightened my line for a long release and let them continue on their way unscathed.
Brian landed a nice little smolt rainbow for his efforts, then the rains came and we decide to go for lunch.

We decided to try another spot on the Pere Marquette but the river was way to busy and decided to cut our loses and go back the the cottage for some R and R.
Well Day three I was worn out and decided to make a quick break to beat the bridge traffic back into Canada. The others stay and Arnold decide to take one more stab at Tippy dam  to get his trophy.

Well cant wait for the upcoming steelies season to happen in late Oct with the boats all set up ready to roll.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Pike and Bass best time to fish

Well my son is finding out Fall is a great time to to catch big Pike and bass. Hes been having a riot on a small local lake which still can produce some nice fish.

early Sept pike

late Sept pike

early Sept bass
now some real late Sept bass. Lindsy had to show us how to catch them.
and the nice thing is that all the fish were put back in the water because of the lake being as small as it is, we don't want to hurt the fish population. Great conservation by 
the kids who hope this resource will be around for their kids.