Saturday, September 21, 2013

Early Fall Season Steelie

Last night I went to bed early with the intention of sleeping in on my day off, being that the rivers are a little low for fishing. But being a creature of habit and an early riser for work, as usual I was automatically wide awake at 5 a.m. Lying there, I thought, what the hell, I am up, I might as well head out and test the new Vision fly rod my friend  Brad from Soo North fly shop sent me.

That ended up being the right decision. I had a good test on the rod landing about a 5 pound steelhead. I have to say that my initial impression of this rod, very positive. When I get a few more pictures and more run time, I'll do a complete review, but its looking good.

Not being quite as organized this morning I had to dig into my waiters to retrieve my Go Pro and managed to get some footage of the fish. Here is a small video of me landing my 1st fall fish.

Swinging Early Fall Season Steelies On Vision FlyRod from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall Morning Fun

Well its 1030 Saturday night, just got back from the local theater and I get a text message from my son . "Dad I forgot my IPhone charger at your place, bring the charger  and I will meet you half way. Bring the canoe we can do some fall fishing at a nearby lake. Oh yea could you grab my lures and rods ". Well like a good dad I pack all his fishing gear got the canoe and headed out next morning to meet him to get him his charger. Thank God he forgot it wow what a day.

Here is the 1st of four fish with this bad boy 4lbs.. 
 Kory land this bucket mouth 4lb. 15 oz.
He finished the day off with a couple nice pike 
I was so unorganized that I didn't even have the GoPro out for my fish caught with the fly rod. Here is a small video of our morning outing.

Fall Morning Fun from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept Pike

My son gave me a hard time about getting out fishing with him one more time before the salmon/steelhead season start. So I kidded him back with being soft and not coming out for some extreme fishing in the fall.
Here is a small video on our day out with Kory catching a couple pike. I stuck with my fly rod and had 3 hits but just having one heck of a time hooking up with these toothy critters. He wanted to name this post as kicking dad's ass but being the owner of this blog I will stick to Sept. Pike.


Sept Pike from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.