Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yahoo Plant Shut down is Over Steelies Beware

So  this has been one of my quietest fall fishing seasons do to the Plant shut down. Only got out once in Sept. with my friend with his Hyde and me with mine. We did a float down the Manistee river in Michigan. Amongst the 4 of us we had maybe 4 Chinooks on but none made it to the boats. Here are a couple pictures of the trip but now let the games begin. The plant shutdown is over and I am about to start a 4 week vacation with a heavy dose of steelhead fishing on the books.

So busy trying to get my Fly boxes filled.  I am way behind as you can see in my yarn box below.
These are 4 of my favourite colours for steelhead. Chartreuse, Niagara gold, Oregon cheese and bubble gum pink. I love Blue and purple but only a certain time of year. If you catch me on the river stop and pick my brain and I will tell you when I love to use these colours.
So hoping my next blog will be filled with pictures of some fall steelies.