Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kayaking, Steelhead, Bass, Muskie, Pike and Walleye all on my Bucket List this Year - Stay Tuned

Sat View of the Great lakes of Ice Coverage

Well with most of the great lakes frozen over its been a long quiet winter for me, but thinking spring is just around the corner, so starting to plan some great fishing adventures this up and coming year. I am getting into kayak fishing this year and hope to get some good videos for the blog.

Jackson Kilroy Kayak
Planning a trip to Algonquian for 5 days fishing for bass and walleye. I will be experimenting on fly fishing for walleye hoping to be able to consistently catch them on the fly.

Algonquian Park

Tippy Dam Manistee
Of coarse the Manistee, lake St. Claire and Sault Saint Marie are all on my bucket list again this year.