Friday, July 22, 2011

Silv'ry Moon Lodge 2011

This is best part of the trip up seeing the sign only 1 km to go. Does the heart start to pump, the beginning of another fun filled trip to Silv'ry Moon Lodge. My son, nephews Mon and dad and boy's girlfriend were were already there waiting for my brother and I to arrive. When we arrived the boys informed me the fishing was tough just a few little guys kidding I said well that's not because you haven't had a good guide to show you the hot spots . With that next thing I know Kory, Lindsy and I are on or way out to look for some big fish. Well day one did I show them the art of catching fish. I ended with all the fish but one walleye my boy caught.

Poor Lindsy hooked a few but never landed any.       

I told her at the end of the day every person had their day in the sun and today was mine. Well the next day was their day here they are Kory's 4lbs 3 oz and Lindsy's 4 lb 4 oz. Myself zero lol but we all had fun.
 That night 4 of us in 2 boats went out for some walleye. Here is a nice 7 lb walleye my brother got.
here are a few more walleye we caught through the week.
The day before the boys and Lindsy had to leave was their best day look at this catch.

Mike tied into a nice muskie.

Here are a few more pictures of the trip hope you all enjoy