Sunday, June 17, 2012

Muskie on the Fly-how did Mr. Pike sneak in

 I was able to spend a hot mid June summer day drifting on a local stream looking for muskie with my son Kory. I was using fly gear and my boy was using conventional spin casting gear. He was casting a plug when out of nowhere he got a rise from what  we thought was a muskie. We both continued to cast to the area we got the rise in hope of getting a hook up. I got the fish to swing at my fly but a miss. Strike 2. Being persistent and not having the fish touch either bait we keep casting to the area we saw it last. Finally the 3 cast and WAM! fish on. The cool part, I caught the take on the cam. Here are a couple pictures of the fish and a video of our trip. We were able to entice one more fish to show and this one was a muskie going 10+ but true to muskie form it only followed my fly bumping the it but never taking in. Finally at the boat he sank to the dark depths of the river. Kory tried the figure 8 method to try to get a take at the boat but this big guy just wasn't interested. All in all was a great day spent with my son on the river.