Sunday, December 9, 2012

Manistee Muskegon Floats

 Well had the privilege to go up with Brian to the cottage near the Manistee River. The 1st day we drifted the lower section and wasn't long I hooked into a nice steelie only to loose it after about a 2 minute fight. Well that seem to be foreshadowing of what was to be the theme for  the next two days. We floated for 2 more hours hitting some of our go to spots to come up empty handed. We made a executive decision to try up at Tipy dam.

 Brain stuck close to the dam and I wondered around the bend to try a few pockets where we had produced fish before. Again I struggled and came up empty hand so with time getting late I head back to Brian who informed me he had a couple fish on but like me earlier was not able to beach them. With dark upon us we headed back to the cottage to regroup and come up with a game plan for day two.
 We decided to try the Muskegon River and float from the dam down which was new water to both of us and it never hurts with a change of scenery. The water flow had been up for a couple days so we had thought maybe some big boys may have made their way to the dam.

The Muskegon is a much bigger river but surprising not as deep as the Manistee or at least up by the dam. Now again the big fish elude us but there was enough little fish to make the trip not a bust. Again some times plans work to the tee and other times not so good but that's part of fishing and what I find it just makes me hungrier to rework analyze to where our plan went wrong and learn from it.


So with the end of day darkness slowly creeping up on us we decided to  head back to the cottage for some bubbly pops  and discuss the short comings of the day not finding any big fish. I had to head back next morning for a Christmas party so Brian call a local friend. Wow did  they finally  figured it out and did they have a great day. Check Brian's blog some great pictures of nice fish. I had a great time and its not all about catching fish, its the fun we had ribbing one and other and hope I never wear my welcome out.


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