Sunday, December 30, 2012

The 2013 Derby Begins

Here it is 3 days after Christmas and Kory biting the bit to get out and start working on the trophies. I talked to a friend on face book and he told me the rivers were slushing and lots of shore ice so pretty hard to do any steelheading. Well we thought we see if our secret pike spot would be worth a try.

 Yea we were pretty desperate to get out when its snowing and 0 degrees C but we had to get it out of our systems. So we arrive to our destination to only find the bays off the main river froze. So we cast our lures just where the bays meet the main river but all I could catch was cat tails as seen below


After a hour of frustration 2 lost cyclops lures ($14 loss) we decided to cut our lost and try the hot water out flows for the Hydro power plant. Well there was a ton a Guiser Shad and that's all we could produce. It been know to be the odd muskie cruise this area but not this day.

Kory with his big catch of the day.
The coolest part of the whole trip was when a big freighter pass by us. I hear from local how these big boat displace water but never experienced it until today. When this big boat was passing us it drew the water away from shore, likely dropped the river 2 feet then once it passed us it came back to the previous level. I was slow to getting the camera out and getting it on video but I did catch the water rushing back to the previous level.

Freightor from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.

Its not all about the catching of fish. I not saying that I don't mind not catching any fish because I do but that's not what the whole experience is about. What not a better way to spend a day out fishing with your son and being able to witness the phenomenon of a big freighter passing. Its the whole experience of the trip.

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