Sunday, December 30, 2012

Trophy Time

Well hard to believe we went threw another year fishing and with the end of the year come our family annual fishing trophy's. So brother Bill was master of ceremony handing out the trophies threw out the evening

The 1st award this year was that trophy that started the whole thing. The biggest salmon and was it a big award this year. A $5000 fish caught in the Blue Water Derby. 1st salmon my brother has ever caught and it was a 23.14 lb fish that won the derby.
The next trophy was for the largest bass. Well this is what retirement does for you guess who won this one. Yes Cricket did it again. His 1st year retirement and he pulls off 2 trophies with a 3lb 8oz small mouth bass. We had some controversy this year. Konnie protested that Dave and I had sabotaged her line and lost the trophy winning bass. So all we could do was give Konnie a consolation prize, a crying towel seen here in her hand in the picture below. All Konnie could say is Dave and Red gonna get theirs next year, what ever that means not sure yet.
The next trophy went to my 82 year old dad. The old bugger still can catch fish and took the trout category with a 9 lb lake trout. But being form the old school these dummies again forgot to take a picture.
 and to add salt to the wound the old bugger took the miscellaneous category with a 9lb muskie caught up a Sil'very Moon Lodge. Now I was there and we got a picture of this fish
 Well I happy that dad still gets out fishing with us and the old guy is still a pretty good fisherman. So we now move on to the 2013 season all bets off, time to sharpen up my hooks and think I am gonna try for the grand slam and see if I can get all 4 trophy's.(dreamer)

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