Friday, November 12, 2010

My Fav Four

 Here we are well into Nov and there is absolutely no water in the river. The first picture is a rock on the Maitland I like to use to judge water lever. Usually 3/4 of this rock is under water what I will call normal fishable levels. Once this rock is completely under water then the river is in prime water conditions. As you can see we are at least 2 feet below normal water levels,  The white on the rock is where the water should be.But I will save that rant for anther day.
 So I need a post to get my blog going I though I'd post my Fav Four Woolly Buggers for my home rivers the Maitland and the Saugeen. The top two flies are great on the Maitland, specially the olive. The Brown is my own colour creation and very deadly in the spring on the Saugeen. I think it may represent a march brown mayfly and i will usually swing it in tandem with a pattern that is called a march brown bunny spey. The last fly is just a good fly for any river with low clear conditions.

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