Monday, May 9, 2011

Finally ending the Spring Season from Hell on a Good Note

Well this had to be one of the worst springs in many years. I had a friend ask have I stopped blogging and I reply you have to land fish to get pictures to be able to put them in the blog for people to see. Well 1st 7 fish never made it to shore. Then there was the day from hell when I fell down the stairs at the Manistee river and broke my spey rod, then I got wet by stepping into a hole just over my waders while fighting a fish that never made it to shore.
 They say persistence perseveres and you got to put your time in to get those good days. Thought it wasn't ever gonna happen but finally I got that day.
 I arrived at the river a little later then I normally would after sun rise not before like I usually do. But believe it or not I was still the 1st one to the river. After about the 5th swing bang! Tyeing into my 1st steelie on the swing. Landed a nice 3 Pound fish and  thought hey think I will take a picture. Took my camera out and guess what? Dead batteries lol here I go again, if it wasn't for bad luck I would have no luck at all. My cell phone was buried deep in  my waders so I let the fish  go so that not to hurt it.
 So I went back to fishing and 4 fish later I thought dam I better get my cell phone and get a picture or I will not be able to write a blog because I will have no proof of fish. I dig deep into my waders to retrieve my cell phone and number 5 fish took up a pose for me to take a couple pictures of him. I think he was a male model because he was very cooperative to the taking of the pictures. I thanked him for his time and released him back into the river.
 Well it ended up a double digit day on the fly rod with a couple float fisherman beside me only taking a couple fish. Take that you float fisherman lol just kidding. There are days when the fly rod can be more productive then the float and this was one of those days.

 So here it is middle of May and I finally get that day you dream about, so where do I go from here? Do I hang up the waders until fall walking away on a high note or try my luck again. I will have to see, cant get out to the river for another week. There always could be a trip to the Soo before the end of May. We will have to see how this story works out so stick around for the next blog and lets hope its another day like this one.

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