Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Maitland Low Time To Change Tactics

With all the rain in Oct it brought a lot of fish into the Maitland river system but come November with river levels falling and clarity unlimited it is time to change tactics. I arrive on he river 40 minutes before day brake and  started fishing with the Float rod. It doesn't take long and I produce 3 fish so fast but as soon as the sun rises, nothing.
Thank God for flashes this picture was taken before sun rise

So with the fishing getting slow I decide to go below the 21 highway bridge and fish the tail out with the spey rod. Nothing better then the hit of a wild steelhead while swinging flies.
This fine specimen hit a purple bead head spey tied Woolly Bugger. What a thrill but the day wasn't over yet. I proceeded down the river to the next bend where I meet up with a retired gentleman from Kitchener who was throwing spoons. He told me he tried roe but after 1 hit before sun rise he swung over to spoons and picked up 3 fish. With this information I decided to stick with the spey rod. After about 20 minutes of no fish I decided to add a tandem yarn fly tied to the purple woolly bugger. Well next 30 minutes produced 2 nice fish on the yarn. Amazing they hit the yarn because I was still swinging my flies and not dead drifting them which is tipical how u fish yarn. This is the third time I have tried a yarn fly in tandem while swinging  flies and produced fish.
This fish has been in the river for quite awhile

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  1. You put that Tandom rig on to spite me. You probably put salt on it as well. LOL!
    Nice pics. I love the Racoon pic. That's a huge coon!
    Enjoying your holidays I see. I'm jealous.