Monday, November 25, 2013

Deja Vu no, No float rods, Vision Rods only

I get a call form my good friend Brad from the Soo to let me know he was coming to Goderich  late Oct and to do some fishing. With a busy work schedule I told him I was good for the 31st and to meet me at Timmy's with a large black to go. Well like old times Brad being a  punctual guy was already waiting with coffee in hand and his GT Four Vision Spey rod in the other. We've been friends and  fishing for over 25 years now and back in the day it was a float rods wow have times changed. We headed out to our old fishing holes with Spey rods cocked locked and ready to rock looking for some great lake steelies.
Brad positioned himself in the river where he could swing flies I went to the faster water and  positioned myself  beside a float fisherman I have gotten to know over the years and started to swing flies  but was hard to get the flies down and maintain a swing on the bottom properly. After watching a few fish being caught by my  float fishing friend  I decided to switch over to a nymphing set up with strike indicator . Good decision  five drifts later and a nice great lake steelie decided to take my presentation.
Its been a long time since Brads been back to fish the Maitland and in his own way he decided to sit back and smell the roses, something we don't do enough of.
But the rest was short lived and like a machine he was back casting and producing a few fish of his own.
But like all good friends the only video I got of him was loosing a fish. With friends like that may want to keep your enemies close

Vision Rod Moment from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.

All kidding aside it was a great day. Both of us caught fish and it was like old times.

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