Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 Family Derby

Well here we are again with the annual Christmas Maxfield fishing derby awards. This year was exceptional with maybe one of the best years for big fish. So I might as well start with the bass category. It was an amazing year with at least 4 bass over 4lbs and 2 of the winning fish caught a day apart weighing in at 5lbs 1 oz. so the shared award went to my son  Kory and my brother Cricket.

The boys were late getting off the lake and Bill was in such a hurry, had a prior appointment that they forgot to take a picture of Crickets big bad ass bass.
Here is Kory and Cricket receiving the Bass Award from brother Bill.
Kory and Wade all ready planning for next year to try to take this trophy on their own 

The next category is the trout trophy which I destroyed with a 12lb 8 ounce trout that I caught on the  Alaskan Situk river.


  Just to add a little insurance and get the trophy within my grasp I caught this Manistee giant that we figured was at least 14 pounds.
The salmon award went to my nephew Joe Steward with a 24 pound west coast salmon.
Being out west poor Joe was not able to attend the awards night.  
The miscellaneous Award went to me with no surprise!!  Below is the extremely ugly 18 lb. Alaskan halibut. 

Here are a few of the monsters that didn't make the podium this year but they still produced an exciting fight and challenge to land in the boat.

Lindsay's nine pound walleye caught at Silv'ry Moon Lodge

My 10 pond Muskie caught again Silv'ry Moon Lodge

Kory's 6 pound pike caught in a local 4 acre inland lake

My dad and two brothers Bill and Cricket fished hard this year trying to repeat last years success winning the Sarnia Salmon Derby. They came close with Cricket landing this 18 lbs salmon securing them with third place with another great team effort.


Kory and I went out on our local honey hole landing two huge bucket mouths, I landed a 4 pounder and Kory landed this bucket that tipped the scales at 5lbs.

Konnie caught this Lake Erie 1 pound plus perch.
and Dave with a ugly west coast ling cod.

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