Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Fall Steelie Season

 Well of the 28 years I've been fishing steelhead will have to put the fall of 2014 as one of my toughest. Now that I am a 9 to 5 worker makes it even tougher were I have to use that 28 years of knowledge and pick the days with perfect river conditions to maximize the the days that are going to be most productive. Well I hit some great days on the the river as far as water conditions that should of brought fish in but it really didn't happen as compare to the past. Plus I had to take the month of Dec off to fix a an old fishing injury. Yes broke a leg on the river 1999 and the knee had to be fixed up .
 There is a few theory's out there to why it was a tough year for all but that's fishing and if you think every year is going to be a banner year well are you going to get a rude awaking. One theory is because of such a late spring this year and there were a lot of fish that spawned late are still out in the lake to try to rebuild the fat for 2015 spawn. Another is we could of had a bad spawning survival rate back 3 to 4 years ago.
 I was still able to get a few fish so here is a few pictures of my fall 2014 all put into one blog.

Nice female coho 

Believe it or not but a laker caught in the river

Big coho buck in his full spawning colors and big kype jaw

Nice hen steelie

live action release 

Another nice steelie 

sorry but the one ended up in the frying pan

Dec Under Construction!!!!!!

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