Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let is Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

So here it is Dec1st, and the weather forecast calling for lake effect snow squalls. The night before sleep is very restless with anticipation, knowing the river will be on the rise from the previous day rains. As usual I beat the alarm by five minutes so the first thing I do is look out the window to see if there's any snow. None yet but they are calling for it later in the day so I don long johns to protect my body from the winter elements.
Now I'm a real stickler for routine and a bit superstitious, so  I grab my lucky hat on the way out the door and head directly to my regular first stop, Tim Horton's for an extra large black. The funny thing is I don't even have to order.... the person on the other side of the mic is asking me "the usual?" and I reply "of coarse". Then before I leave the parking lot I stop, get out and recheck to make sure I haven't forgotten anything before my trek north., everything accounted for, so off I go.
When I arrive at the river there's still about thirty minutes to sun rise and not another sole is on the river yet..... No hurry to get to my favourite spot so I sit on the river bank get my rod ready and wait for the sun to show itself . Fifteen minutes to sun rise I see another car pulling up to the parking lot...... time to move out to my spot before anyone else gets there ahead of me.
 Now there is enough sun to start fishing and man... is the river rocking. The two guys that just arrived decide to brave the high water and cross the river....I might have attempted that ten years ago but not today. As it turned out my decision not to cross was good one because I ended up having a hell of a of a good day. I'm not one to post numbers but it was the second best day this fall and the morning  ended with a great catch. The forecast of snow must have kept most of the other fisherman away from the rive so all morning I'm singing to myself let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
  I know that my wife thinks I am absolutely nuts hoping for rain and snow on my day off.... and for getting up so early and standing in freezing water..... but if you are a steelheader you can understand the enjoyment I get from it all.

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