Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you Bloggers

Being New to the blog world I thought I would wish you all a Happy Holiday season and look forward to 2011 to being another productive year. Here is a few pictures of my pass journys fishing. Hope you enjoy

 I've been told I am crazy for some of the water I have been known to fish. The Maitland was rocking this fall day.
 This Laker decided it was a river run fish caught it on the Maitland in  the Fall of 2000

 Here are a couple of Soo Rapids Atlantics caught the summer of 2006. It was so amazing catching big fish like this on a caddis nymph size16 hook.
My nephew who lives in Germany came hone for a visit and had to get him out on a drift on the Saugeen for some Muskie. Here never caught any but we did see 3 this day follow our flies to the boat. 
This 4lb bass was taken while fishing for muskie on the Saugeen. The flies we throw at these fish are almost as big as the bass
Here is my friend Paul with a Saugeen muskie
 Here is my 1st Drift Boat a 3 man pontoon
But now upgraded to  Hyde drifter. Just got to get it out and use it more the old girl is getting lonely

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  1. Hey old man! ;0)
    I know where we can put that pretty Hyde to some good use!
    I know she is dying to float her home waters...
    2011 my friend...2011