Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kory's Algonquin Trip 2013

I need to get my son onto the blogosphere but he is not there yet and ask me to place his trip on my blog. Here are some pictures of their 3 day stay fishing for Bass and Pike  He didn't catch any  5 pound bass this trip,  but as long as he is still leading in the family derby (4lb 6oz. smallie) he may go back on labour day.

After setting up camp

Lindsey started the trip off with a giant creek chub
But then she settled down and finally hooked into a nice pike
With a tuff day fishing they decided to go back to camp for some relaxation. Reemy said to hell with the rest of them and went for a swim
day 2 was much better with a great days catch
Kory and Taylor fighting over who going to clean the fish. Yea if you believe that, think Kory lost.

Kory snuck out last day while the rest slept and caught 2 nice pike

 and here are some other scenic pictures of the trip


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