Saturday, August 17, 2013

Test Driving Vision Fly Rods Speckle trout Fishing

I had a weeks vacation with not a lot to do when my good buddy Brad from The Soo North Fly Shop call and said come on up and we well do some Atlantic fish off the out flow of the power station there and some speckle trout fishing above the Soo. Because Lake Superior is up 14 cm they have 6 of the gates open to the rapids making it to dangerous to fish

where you see rocks in the picture is actually a small island would be so the rapids are raging.

So off to the out flow off the power station we go and back troll for some Atlantics. The problem there instead of having all the turbines running they only got one. Well wish Brads great guiding skills we still managed a couple hook ups with me loosing a good fish and getting a 2 pounder to the net to only have the net guy miss the fish (Actually I lowered the rod when the fish was heading to the net and caused Brad to miss loosing the fish, but we wont tell him that and let him believe he lost it).

Now I love my iPhone and with this cool app Brad found showing Topo Maps

 we headed out onto some back roads looking for some speckle trout using Brad's 8 weight 9 foot Vision rods. Well I couldn't rave more about these rods with the way they cast effortlessly. I Will put a small video in of me casting to show the ease and distance we were casting. Again with a cold front just moving through the fishing was tuff. Brad managed a 8 inch speck. I had one good hit but for some reason I could not get a hookup. But that's why they call it fishing and not catching. But with all the senic beauty around me of the far north I still enjoyed the trip to this wild country.

The morning drive was so cool with the morning dew burning off the hills.
What a scenic vision holding a vision rod
Brads thinking he is a mountain goat standing on top of the falls
Well here a quick video I promised of him and I casting vision rods

Vision Rods from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.

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