Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pike Opener On the Kayak

Finally pike opener is upon us so Kory and decided to hit a local inland lake with the kayaks. To be honest it was a slow day and after talking to one of the locals we were informed because of the hard winter there was a little bit of a kill this year on this lake. To add insult to the wound they also told us they keeping everything they caught. Now on a 6 acre lake doesn’t take long to desecrate the population on a small lake like that. This lake in the past usually we are lucky to see 1 or 2 other boats on it but today 8.

Enough of my rant Kory and I both ended up with a couple bass each released back to the lake and Kory had one follow up from a pike about 30 inches but he just wouldn’t take



Well here is a video of me catch a large mouth on my pike fly off the kayak

Largemouth off Kayak from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.

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