Thursday, May 1, 2014

Skunk Finally out of the Kayak

This has to been one of the toughest springs in  years, thought I get out and get some good spring fishing but that went south fast in April. Two weekends with weddings Easter weekend taking up the 3rd then the 4th weekend the river to high as shown in the picture below


Late Sunday afternoon after just geting back from Niagara Falls Kory said "dad let get the Kayaks out see if we can hit some steelies being its the opening week. Who was I to argue so we loaded up the boats hit a local stream.
To be honest it was a slow day fishing but finally I pulled a nice walleye out of the river. Being out of season in Ontario I had to release it back to the river but was so cool to get my 1st fish fishing out of a Kayak. 


Here is a small video of me catching my 1st fish out of my Kayak. I could have edited it more, specially when I dropped my rod into the river but hey, want to keep it real. Watch the video of my epic 1st fish from a kayak

Skunk Out of the New Kayak from Just An Aging Steelheader on Vimeo.

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